How do I pay Amazon for the final delivery?

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If you use an Amazon partner carrier (Amazon LTL) as your final method of delivery to Amazon, Amazon will charge you directly for any final delivery charges. These charges are not reflected on your invoice from Prime Freight.

Amazon is responsible for handling and billing your shipment once your shipment has been picked up by an Amazon-partnered carrier. Amazon will bill you by Amazon Seller Central separately.

Using these instructions, you can estimate the cost of an Amazon-partnered carrier. See Amazon’s FBA pricing page for more information on what charges you can expect.

If you use Prime Freight LTL or Prime Freight FCL as your final delivery method, your Prime Freight invoice will reflect any charges associated with the final delivery. If you are interested in a quote for Prime Freight delivery, talk to your Prime Freight operations team. They are going to share a detailed quote in the app.

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