How much cargo fits in a container?

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This table shows the general guidelines for container capacity— how much cbm fits into each container, as well as the width and height of the door:


it is important to note that the capacity will be determined by the weight of the cartons, how the manufacturer will load them into the container and whether or not the cargo will be palletized. The number “stretch to” can only be used with small boxes.

What are the limits of weight?

Weight restrictions differ from carrier, style, and region to region. For example, a 44,000-lb load may not exceed the ocean carrier’s 40′ container weight limit, but in some states it will exceed a truck’s weight limit. In this case, a tri-axle chassis or, potentially, an overweight permit would be required for the shipment.

Shipments loaded onto the rail would also have their own weight limits.

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