What if the real cargo figures are different from what I entered in the quote request?

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Before making a quotation request, Prime Freight Prime Freight suggests that you provide the best estimate of the total weight and volume of the shipment so that your quotation is as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, the cargo will be weighed before it is delivered, and the measurements can vary from those given in the quotation.

  • FCL (full container load) shipments will be weighed at the port of origin when they are closed-in). Prime Freight will use this weight to calculate the freight costs on the invoice.
  • LCL (less than container load) shipments will be measured at the CFS prior to being consolidated into containers. LCL shipments shall be measured per cbm (cubic metre) unless they are heavy (> 1000 kgs per cbm). Such heavy LCL deliveries will be billed for 1,000 kg. The cbm of the LCL delivery to the CFS is used by Prime Freight to measure the freight costs on the invoice.
  • Air shipping freight costs shall be determined by the weight to be paid, the price to be charged by the carrier to transport the shipment. The chargeable weight is the gross weight, or the volumetric weight, whichever is greater.
Why have the proportions changed?

Your manufacturer may have given only an estimation of the weight and volume of the cargo. LCL shipments often turn out to be larger than expected, mostly due to palletization. Packaging and palletizing will add weight and size to your delivery.

How will the re-measurement affect the final invoice?

Measurements will affect LCL (less than container load) and air freight charges, as LCL shipments are charged by cbm (cubic metres) and air shipments are charged by a chargeable weight.

A re-assessment will also have an effect on the line items that are measured on the size and weight of the shipment. Such line items were calculated during quote based on the measurements entered.

Affected line items include: container freight station fee for LCL shipments Chassis fee for LCL shipments Pier Pass charge for LCL shipments

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