Who do I say to My Supplier is the Consignee on the Bill of Lading ?

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The manufacturer will need the legal name of the company and the legal address of the consignee.

Example: Company, Inc 1000 Professional Ave Muncie, IN 47302 What’s a consignee?

The consignee is the party to which the possession of the goods will be passed when the cargo is released at the destination. The consignee shall be named on the bill of lading.

What’s the ultimate consignee?

The final consignee is the party that will be the final recipient of the shipment. In many instances, the consignee is the same group as the actual consignee.

Of example, if your company is licenced in the U.S. and you are delivered to Amazon, you will be identified as the sole consignee because the ownership of the products will be transferred to you as an Amazon shipper when the shipment is transported to your destination.

The U.S. business will have to act as the ultimate consignee for a foreign importer.

When you ship to Amazon U.S. as an international importer (importing without a U.S. company or presence), Amazon will serve as the ultimate consignee. Use the Amazon Promotion Center that you have been given as your business address.

Example: Amazon.com.dedc[ My Company, Inc] c / o Amazon 500 McCarthy Lewisberry, PA 17339 Why is my supplier asking me about the Notification Party?

The supplier may also demand a Notify Party, a party that may be aware of the delivery of the shipment. A bill of lading may include a number of Notifying Parties, but one is not necessary. Name yourself as a Notifying Party if you are unaware of who the Notifying Party is.

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