How do I calculate Amazon LTL warehouse charges for Amazon FBA?

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Follow the steps below to estimate the final delivery cost of using Amazon LTL to an Amazon FBA warehouse.

Go to the Prepare Shipment page after you’ve created your shipping plan in Amazon Seller Central.

  1. Under Section 2: Shipping Service:
  2. Choose LTL or Amazon Partnered Carrier. Fill in the form under Section 3: Shipment Packaging and click Confirm in the bottom right corner.
  3. Use the following guidelines to estimate the pallet information: measurements
  • (1): using 72 “(maximum height per Amazon requirement).Weight
  • (2): divide the weight of the cargo by pallet number.Approximate number of pallets
  • (3): divide the volume of the shipment (cbm) by an estimate of 1.5.

Do not check the box Stackable. If you check the Stackable Pallets box, Amazon can send a truck to accommodate stackable pallets only. If they aren’t stackable, then the truck won’t fit all of your pallets.

Online tools for auto-pallet calculation are available, but be aware that these tools are not always accurate and often underestimate the details of the pallet.

  1. Shipping fees using the following guidelines:
  • Date ready for freight (1): select any date.
  • Contact person (2): any contact is selected.
  • Class of freight (3): select 100.
  • Declared value (4): use your shipment’s commercial value.
  1. Click the Calculate button. Don’t accept the fees.

Note that if you are using an Amazon-partnered carrier such as Amazon LTL, Amazon, not Prime Freight, will charge you for final delivery charges.

See Amazon US / Canada Delivery: Calculating Prices for calculating the price of other final delivery forms.

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