How can I send my shipment to one fulfillment center?

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Prime Freight You can choose to participate in the “Inventory Placement Service” of Amazon, where Amazon will assign single product/ASIN units to a single satisfaction center. You are solely responsible for sending your shipment to that assigned fulfilment centre; Amazon will split it up after the shipment arrives and send it for you to various fulfilment centres.

The default FBA service is “Distributed Inventory Placement,” where Amazon can assign single product / ASIN units to multiple Amazon fulfilment centres when creating a shipping plan.


Can I choose which product is assigned to the fulfilment centre?

No.  Amazon will determine which service centre is assigned to a shipment of a product.

Does this service guarantee that my shipment will not be divided into multiple centres of fulfilment?

No.  With one delivery, if you have multiple products / ASINs, the shipment can still be sent to several fulfilment centres. If you have different product unit types (e.g. standard size vs. oversize), they may be directed to different centres of fulfilment.


For programme fees and more information, see Amazon’s Help Center.

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