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The majority of the shippers don’t consider packaging while negotiating in their purchase agreement as the factory packing itself is quite suitable for transit. However, one should always do some research before fixating on such agreements. In the long run, if you are going to have multiple shipments, then you should have a proper idea about the packaging being offered to you. You must be aware of the different aspects of packaging.


Packaging For Protection

One of the significant purposes of packaging a good is to protect it from external forces such as water, fire, sunlight, wind, and other forces of nature. Fragile shipments must be in a double-layered box so that they can withstand the impacts they’ll face during the transit. The extra layer of cushioning will protect the shipment a lot. Using bubble wrap or Styrofoam for packaging will give additional protection to the shipment.

Unless your shipment occupies the entire container, it will be consolidated with other shipments for better use of space inside the container as it will be on ocean freight or air freight, and space is limited on such vessels. With so many other shipments, it becomes essential for you to mark your shipment with the correct and proper serial number and name to get mixed up with the rest of the shipments. If your shipment is prone to theft, make sure you remove any sign or label that will instigate thieves.


Air Freight Packaging

Since the planes have limited space, so the freight is charged based on volume rather than weight. The packaging goal must be minimum use of space by decreasing the area inside the carton of shipment and between other cartons.


Ocean Freight Packaging

Even though cargo ships have a lot more space than a plane, due to poor weight distribution and constant Unpredictable Ocean waves, they may lead to containers buckling up. Weight is considered when it comes to charging rather than volume. Even though there is not much of an issue regarding space but still try to have uniform standard-sized boxes for the shipment, it is easy to arrange them in stacks.


Product Packaging

Space in between the product packing can cost you unnecessary freight costs due to its volume. But changing the product packing is more complicated than changing the shipment packaging, which will not require significant changes and up-gradation in machinery and facility of the supplier. But if you have high demand, then the supplier will be deemed to think in your favor too.



Unnecessary packing will cost you more than the actual cost, so avoids extra packaging, especially Air Freight.

Check whether your supplier is doing compact packing in the smallest and most economic carton.

Proper labeling of shipment is essential if they are consolidated with other shipments.


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