Commercial Invoice and Packing List: What You Need to Know

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Prime Freight will need a digital copy of the Commercial Invoice and Packing List of your shipment in order to clear your shipment through the United States. Customs, customs.

What’s a Company Invoice?

A commercial invoice is a customs declaration file that specifies the price and quantity of the goods delivered.

What does a Commercial Invoice need to include?

Country of origin / manufacture (where the items are manufactured) Full name and address of the supplier / manufacturer Full name and address of the company or person selling the products (note which person or business is different from the importer) Full name and address of the person or company to whom the goods are delivered* Quantity of units for each product Unit price for each product We plan to claim the product’s fair market value even if you obtain the products free of charge.A complete product description that includes: what is the product, what is used for the product, and what is made of the product Note: A SKU is not a product description.

What is a list of packings?

A packing list is a customs declaration document that specifies the amount, weight, size, and number of cartons of the shipped goods.

The details on the Commercial Invoice should suit the related fields on the Packing List (e.g. the quantity of units on the Commercial Invoice and the Packing List should be the same for each product).

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