What are the costs not included in my Quotes?

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The quotations from Prime Freight Prime Freight are estimates of the foreseeable cost of the shipment on the basis of the information provided in the quotation request. Shipping costs undisclosed at the time of quote will not be included in the calculation, but will be shown on the invoice.

Charges that will be on the quotation and invoice:

  • Prime Freight insurance

Fees that will not be on the quotation but may be on the invoice, depending on the circumstances of the destination:

  • Chassis split fee
  • Shipping labour fee
  • Delivery (common)
  • Inside shipping fee
  • Pallet exchange fee
  • Per diem fee
  • Pre-pull payment

Notice that in some cases the actual payment may be lower than the quotation.

When you ship to Amazon FBA and use an Amazon-partnered carrier as the final delivery form, Amazon will bill you directly for trucking costs. The price will not be included in the estimate or invoice for Prime Freight.

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