Attending Trade Shows

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Attending Trade Shows

The previous chapter discussed the various channels for Sourcing, one of these was visiting trade shows. This topic concentrates mainly on how one would find the best shows to visit depending on their product preferences and how you should prepare for it.


Deciding on which shows to visit

First, you should lock onto the main product categories that you are most attracted towards and want for sourcing. Then arrange the trade shows accordingly. Majority of the Asian trade shows are held on the same dates during April and October.

Hong Kong and Guangzhou are both the most prominent destinations when it comes to attending trade shows. Both places have many product categories and are only 70 miles apart. It depends on you whether you want to attend both or either of the sites for your sourcing purposes.


Attend Hong Kong trade shows

In Hong Kong, you are offered two shows, Global Sources shows and HKTDC shows. The Global Sources show also provides conferences for Global Amazon and online sellers. Here are some reasons why visiting the Hong Kong trade shows can prove to be the most beneficial:

  • Convenience: Hong Kong is a more comfortable place to visit than traveling to mainland China. It does not require a visa from most nationalities, either, unlike Guangzhou.
  • Higher Quality products: The Hong Kong shows are smaller than the Guangzhou shows, but they are more quality-based. These shows focus on new and innovative products with a potentially more significant profit margin.
  • Larger Export experience: You are exposed to a more significant market where suppliers are focused on exports. Guangzhou shows offer similar export-focused exhibitions, but they are comprised of mainly smaller suppliers and traders.
  • English-Speaking: May seem like a small issue that translational devices can resolve, but once you are actually in the soil of China, keeping up with a non-English speaking environment can be vastly overwhelming. Hong Kong’s majority population speaks English, be it taxi drivers or restaurant staff. Hence, traveling there and communicating your thoughts and queries may be more comfortable. All suppliers in Hong Kong have English-speaking members of the team at their exhibitions. Canton Fair (Guangzhou show) doesn’t always provide that facility.


Attend Guangzhou trade show

The Guangzhou trade show is larger than the Hong Kong Trade shows. It is called the Canton Fair. Some buyers prefer only to visit this show. There are many wholesale markets present in Guangzhou that buyers interested in purchasing small quantities of the desired product may find alluring. Canton Fair is drawing in more customers from evolving markets and developing countries.


Attend both Hong Kong and Guangzhou shows 

This idea is simple as if you want more categories and a wide variety of products, you will choose to cover all places providing the data. They get more suppliers as options if they visit both. The dates are never overlapping, so the buyers can see both locations without missing out.

The fairs in Hong Kong are somewhat on the same date, so once you travel there, you can visit both without having to come back on another week and pay twice the travel cost. HKTDC Electronics Fair is on April 13 to 16, and Global Sources Electronics Phase 1 is on April 11 to 14. The Canton Fair Phase 1 starts on April 15.

There are many mediums of transportation from Hong Kong airport to Guangzhou city. You can travel via buses, trains even limousines.




Electro power Asia Expo

“The international showcase of technology for power generation, transmission, distribution & installation.”

Electro power Asia Expo is an excellent international exhibition which mainly concentrates on showcasing groundbreaking technology mainly for power generation, transmission as well as distribution and installation for better operational outcomes.

Private Label & OEM Trade Show, Japan

Private Label & OEM Trade Show JAPAN is the exhibition where the companies, from all over the world, of the original product development, Private Label, OEM Products and Service for Professional Use exhibit.Companies in cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, furniture, package will be at the venue.Please consider to exhibit since the buyers with strong purpose visit the show.

FinExpo, Asia

One of the main FINEXPO projects are its exhibitions and trade shows, organizing annually all over the world! The events were attended by more than 50,000 visitors and 3,000 huge companies from all over the world. The top speakers from the leading companies made outstanding speeches at the seminars, workshops and conferences during the exhibitions. The geography our trade shows is really huge and covers the following countries: Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Cyprus, China, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Slovakia Thailand, Latvia and other countries. The list of FINEXPO projects: Financial Expo, Traders Fair, Forex Expo, Gold Expo, Banking Expo, etc.

Preparation for a Trade Show

  1. Prepare a list of products that you are interested in sourcing. When you are physically at the show, it may get confusing if you are not looking for particular productsIt would help if you determined which products you want to source beforehand and save time.
  2. Prepare a list of the features you are looking for in a product. If you already have experience sourcing or knowing which product you want, you should note the features you want in it. List the quality and quantity you desire, the legal documents required, the product functions, and other relevant information. This will significantly help you if you want to buy OEM products. Manufacturers would appreciate your detailed preparation, and it would also give you an edge over other buyers.
  3. Research for prices of potential products. Do online research before you get to the shows so you estimate the cost of the products. This helps you compare the two channels and to pick the most advantageous one according to your requirements.
  4. Shortlist the suppliers/exhibitors online before the shows. Contact the exhibitors before you get to the front and email them your preferences and requirements. Their responses will help you select the exhibitions you want to see. This will help save time and energy.
  5. Get a map for the shows. You should purchase a plan for the entire show in advance. This would prevent you from getting lost in the crowd and feeling overwhelmed. These shows are massive, so if you already have a layout in mind with your potential products’ regions, it would be easier to attend them.
  6. Print many business cards. Business cards are thought of as a professional courtesy in China. You should have at least 150 to 200 copies of your business card when you visit the show.
  7. Dress Appropriately- The weather in China is warm and humid. However, the places where these shows are held are conference rooms with air-condition facilities to get extremely cold. The business people attending these events prefer to wear casual outfits as they have to walk around a lot. It is not customary to always wear suits while doing business in China. So it would help if you packed comfortable, business-casual attire and footwear.


A checklist of objects you should carry with you while attending these shows:

  • Potential products’ names, categories, and a map,
  • Price estimations of those products,
  • Notepad or notebook,
  • Other stationeries like pens, staplers, paper clips, etc.,
  • Portable charger
  • Business cards
  • Company brochures
  • A briefcase or a trolley bag to carry everything



  • Be prepared with detailed research before attending the show, so you do not get distracted or intimidated. Have a list of all the product information you will need for sourcing.
  • Attending both or either of the locations for trade shows that Hong Kong or Guangzhou has its advantages or disadvantages. Compare the lot and decide what is best for your business.

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